Welcome to Lizmar Publishers - the publishing company which really cares for its writers. Unlike other book publishers we put action behind our words... as the saying goes: “ Talk is cheap but money buys the whiskey”.

The truth of the matter is, most publishers will give you some royalties or just a percentage of the sales. To be more precise - writers normally get less than ten percent of the royalties and some book publishers will even offer you as low as two percent of the overall sales of your book! This is not the whole story, as in addition to that, other publishers will refuse to promote your book... leaving you to do all of the hard work, while reaping none of the benefits!

This is why we have three different packages available to writers. These packages are designed to benefit you as the writer, so you can make money and get the fruits for your effort. Lizmar Publishing is revolutionizing the industry!

Please take some time to explore our site and see for yourself which of our packages suits you best.